New Posts are on their way!

Sorry for such a delay in new posts – I’ve been busy gathering material! But here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been working on, and what you can expect to read later this week!

I will have a profile on Michael Maria, one of the co-organizers of the Boston Palestine Film Festival, here’s a segment:

An organizer for the Boston Palestine Film Festival, for the past 5 months Maria has juggled his time between sponsorships, advertising, contacting film distributers, and other odd jobs needed for the festival to run seamlessly, but still hopes to find time to go to the Big E with his girlfriend of 7 years, Guenaelle. He is handsome with lightly olive skin, five feet and nine inches, and with dark hair, thinning at the top.  Dark eyes accompany what can only be called a thorough proboscis, which rests over a thin but enthusiastic smile.

 “A lot of people think I’m Jewish just from physical features,” he says. I point to my nose and say we share the same stereotypically “Judaic” nose. A grin spreads over his face and he releases a full-bodied laugh. “The skin, the nose,” he shrugs with a smile. “But yeah, I think very few people look at me and think, ‘He’s Palestinian.’”

I will also be putting up images I’ve compiled over 4 visits to the Occupy Boston tent city that has taken root at Dewey Square! Unfortunately, I wasn’t present late Monday evening & Tuesday morning for the action, but there are some good images, none-the-less, some of which are featured by Boston Dig reporter Lauren Metter!


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