Copley Square Protests

With the recent wave of evictions of #Occupy Wall Street camps, both violent and non-violent, across the nation, tensions at the Occupy Boston camp at Dewey Square have risen significantly. The camp’s temporary restraining order was extended Thursday, blocking Boston Police from any sudden eviction of the protestors until the judge’s decision on December 15.

But hours later, the confiscation of a modified industrial size kitchen sink by Boston Police led to roughly 100 protestors surrounding a police vehicle that evening and one arrest. More officers were called in to handle the scene, according to Boston Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll. Police have been preventing protestors from bringing construction and infrastructure materials into camp, claiming them as “contraband.”

In response, a diverse gathering of protestors met in Copley Square Saturday afternoon to protest all forms of authoritarian action. While the Occupy Boston protestors brought a mock-up of their industrial sink, Boston-Syrian activists unravelled a large Syrian flag across from the Boston Public Library. Activists from Syrian Americans for Democracy led chants against the heavy-handed & violent actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in putting down the pro-democracy movement that have swept the country, and the Middle East, during the Arab Spring.


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