Our Eyes & Ways Like You by The Peace Group

While not quite ‘news worthy,’ my good friend Zachary Smith has been working on a music video with his girlfriend Kaitlin Daddona. The songs, Our Eyes & Ways Like You by The Peace Group, are Zachary’s interpretation of events based on songwriter Lenny Daddona’s courting of his wife, Randee.

You can catch the video here!

To be honest, I’ve been listening to this song and the album on my ipod for the last week!

It’s been great fun working with Zachary and Kaitlin and Austin and Nas on this project. I’m always amazed at the creative efforts that come from friends, and standing behind the camera under Zach’s direction was a new & awesome experience! I hope you all enjoy this video for the holidays, a nice break from the slow and steady news I’ve been dolling out all semester!

Be sure to take a gander at Zachary & Kaitlin’s blogs if you enjoyed this peak into their work!
Kaitlin’s blog: Life is My Antidrug
Kaitlin and Zachary’s shared Blog: We B-log Together


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