Shooting with a tilt/shift around Boston

This weekend was the first time I’ve shot with a tilt/shift lens! It’s a fun piece of equipment that forces perspective and gets some peculiar shots, normally for larger landscapes, but it can do some interesting things with subjects closer up, as well.

I started my day off shooting at Amory Park. With everyone out walking their dogs, it was hard not to capture a cute canine with my camera…! (That sentence will make you puke the more you read it…)

After that, I set off into Boston for the day; heading down the Esplanade then the Commons, but I really only took photos walking back down Commonwealth Avenue – womp.

Sunday evening I walked through Allston to a friend’s place on Linden, I shot some eerie scenes on the way there.

All in all I had a great time shooting with the tilt/shift. I’ve certainly got a lot to learn regarding composition and the technical capabilities of the lens itself, but I’m pretty happy with the photos I have from my weekend!

You can catch more of my photography here!


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