A voter and her dog

Samson, a well-groomed three time blue-ribbon-winning Welsh Pembroke Corgi sat obediently as his owner, Janet Lang, cast her ballot around noon on Super Tuesday.

Lang, a Jamaica Plain resident since 1977, showed him off as he sat quietly in the middle of the auditorium stage of the Boston English High School, where voting for Ward 11, Precincts 7 & 8 took place. Bundled in her jacket and fleece cap, she turned back after casting her vote, and called “Heel,” to which the show-dog sprung up and returned to her side.

The poll workers looked up and quietly smiled at the elderly voter and her dog as they left the ballot area, then returned to their work.

There were no other voters in the station.

“Reelecting the President!” Lang said, was the most important issue to her as a voter. Samson looked up from her side.

So you voted for neither Romney nor Santorum?

“Hell to the no,” she said flatly. “There’s a reason why we threw him [Romney] out!”

She pushed open the large, blue double-doors exiting the voting station, and Samson led her out.

Polling stations throughout Jamaica Plain were quiet throughout the morning and early afternoon, according to wardens in various precincts.

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