Girl falls between tracks at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station in early morning

ON A TRAIN FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BOSTON – “My baby! My baby!” the mother shouted in maternal hysterics down the hall of the Amtrak train.

Her daughter had fallen between the tracks of the 66 Northeast Regional train, bound for Boston from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station, early Tuesday morning.

Jeremiah White, 30, a right midfielder for the New England Revolution returning from an injury, assisted in pulling the fallen girl from danger.

“I heard the mom run through screaming,” the Lansdowne, PA native said, collecting himself before the train departed, delayed only a few minutes.

According to White, a conductor on the train stepped down from the platform and handed the child up to him.

“I was with her, but I did not see her fall,” an Amtrak operator told police on the scene before the train left the station.

“Unofficially, the child fell down the tracks, she’s okay,” the man said aside while checking tickets. Giving only his first name, Mike, he shook his head and added “She’s so lucky. She was standing, looking up at me, crying.”

He indicated that there had been previous accidents where those involved were not so fortunate.

Last year, a man died in Overbrook, NY attempting to catch a train when he fell on the tracks and was hit by an Amtrak heading westbound to Harrisburg, according to

According to other witnesses, the mother got on the 66 earlier with her child, however the father missed the train.

Amtrak Media Relations were unreachable at the time of this story’s writing.

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