Girl falls between tracks at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station in early morning

ON A TRAIN FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BOSTON – “My baby! My baby!” the mother shouted in maternal hysterics down the hall of the Amtrak train. Her daughter had fallen between the tracks of the 66 Northeast Regional train, bound for Boston from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Train Station, early Tuesday morning. Jeremiah White, 30, a right … Continue reading

The Long Road to Asylum

  (Photos, copy and layout produced by Ben Cooper)

My Evening Shooting Mitt

Hey folks – Granted this is a bit dated; but here is a story & photo spread I recently finished for my magazine class on covering Mitt Romney‘s Super Tuesday rally at the Boston Copley. I wish there were an easier way to post these; perhaps I’ll do just the text story soon. Until then, … Continue reading

Sirs, Shuffle Up that ‘Stache.

Well, good sirs, spring is here. The weather is heating up, the birds are chirping and it’s time to trim that facial hair you’ve been growing all winter. But wait, don’t go for that space-razor just yet! There’s entertainment to be had at your face’s expense! Who hasn’t enjoyed the deconstructive creativity of sculpting those follicles?  And … Continue reading