Sirs, Shuffle Up that ‘Stache.

Well, good sirs, spring is here. The weather is heating up, the birds are chirping and it’s time to trim that facial hair you’ve been growing all winter. But wait, don’t go for that space-razor just yet! There’s entertainment to be had at your face’s expense! Who hasn’t enjoyed the deconstructive creativity of sculpting those follicles?  And … Continue reading

Tilt/Shift Photography from Denver

While not news-related, I needed new content to keep my blog fresh(er)! Over spring break, I traveled to Colorado to visit family, hike, and work on my photography – here’s a small gallery of my work from the trip!

Shooting with a tilt/shift around Boston

This weekend was the first time I’ve shot with a tilt/shift lens! It’s a fun piece of equipment that forces perspective and gets some peculiar shots, normally for larger landscapes, but it can do some interesting things with subjects closer up, as well. I started my day off shooting at Amory Park. With everyone out … Continue reading

Our Eyes & Ways Like You by The Peace Group

While not quite ‘news worthy,’ my good friend Zachary Smith has been working on a music video with his girlfriend Kaitlin Daddona. The songs, Our Eyes & Ways Like You by The Peace Group, are Zachary’s interpretation of events based on songwriter Lenny Daddona’s courting of his wife, Randee. You can catch the video here! … Continue reading