Tilt/Shift Photography from Denver

While not news-related, I needed new content to keep my blog fresh(er)! Over spring break, I traveled to Colorado to visit family, hike, and work on my photography – here’s a small gallery of my work from the trip! Advertisements

Shooting with a tilt/shift around Boston

This weekend was the first time I’ve shot with a tilt/shift lens! It’s a fun piece of equipment that forces perspective and gets some peculiar shots, normally for larger landscapes, but it can do some interesting things with subjects closer up, as well. I started my day off shooting at Amory Park. With everyone out … Continue reading

Long Exposures

Sorry I haven’t kept up-to-date with my articles – I’m still working on a piece on indie rapper Astronautalis, and I’m almost finished with a feature on the Boston Palestine Film Festival! Also, I’ve got an article on a Ugandan political asylum seeker written on deadline at Boston Immigration Court that was a blast to … Continue reading