Azawad declares autonomy, but civil issues yield international condemnation

The National Movement for the Liberation of Azaward declared their independence early Friday morning, in an announcement on their website. “We, people of the AZAWAD, by the voice of the National Movement for the liberation of Azawad (NMLA),” the announcement begins. “…Irrevocably, proclaim the State of Azawad independent from this day Friday 06 April 2012.” … Continue reading

Major declarations from two pertinent figures in Mali

Two key figures in Mali have made decisions that may alter the demographic structure of Mali. The figures and their decisions After a coup d’etat put Malian Captain Amadou Sanogo in power on March 21, the threat of sanctions from ECOWAS, the Economic Organization of West Africa, yielded a reversal in policy from Sanogo, who pledged … Continue reading

Tuareg fighters use Qaddafi’s arms in renewed attacks against Mali

Boston – The armed conflict between Tuareg fighters and the Malian government that began January 17 entered its third week in northern Mali, with distorted claims of control and allegiance blurring the story. The nomadic fighters were previously trained and armed under the Qaddafi regime, but since the strongman’s death in October, many Taureg have … Continue reading